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Support Ticket Process

Here is the process that we follow to resolve your service ticket.

Several things happen when you email: Support@EllipticSystems.com:

1. Automatic Acknowledgment
You will receive an automatic acknowledgment that your request has been received and logged.
2. New Service Ticket
A new service ticket is generated with a ticket number that can be used to track your request via the Customer Portal.
3. Ticket Processing
Once the ticket has been created, then we process it to evaluate the best resource to handle your ticket.
4. Email Response
You will receive an email directly from that resource as they begin working your request, followed by a phone call to discuss.
5. Automatic Updates
The system automatically updates you on the progress or status of the work according to the workflow rules we have set up.

Two special requests to you:

1. Ticket Related Responses
If a ticket has been generated and you want to respond or update us about the same issue, please REPLY to the email notification you receive, rather than creating a new email (this will ensure the ticket number remains in the subject). This allows the system to keep all related correspondence in the same ticket.
2. Ticket Un-Related Responses
If you have to notify us of a new, un-related problem, please create a fresh email to Support@EllipticSystems.com and do NOT reply to any existing ticket emails.

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