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Dell "Certified" Partner

IT Crisis Management

Crises will happen, it's unfortunate but inevitable. What really matters, is how your business is set up to deal with a crisis when it happens.

When a crisis strikes your business, maybe a major security breach, disgruntled employee, natural disaster or some kind of systems failure, the IT manager becomes the focus of the business and may find themselves on the receiving end of other people's frustration.

To help alleviate the frustration, your business needs to be prepared.

Have a Strategic Plan in Place

The best way to do this is to identify all of the technology that you are using in your business and then put it in a written document. This will ensure that you have a working knowledge of all of the systems that will need to be restored after the crisis has been stopped.

Make sure that all of your employees have a working knowledge of the crisis plan once you have it in place.

You Need a Solid Back Up and Recovery Plan

Your business data needs to be safe and secure. A strategic part of security is a redundant backup. Once you have a solid backup of your data you then need to be able to retrieve at a rapid pace.

With Dell servers and VMware, we here at Elliptic Systems can provide you with a strong, secure and reliable Backup and Recovery solution. We call it Business Continuity.

Expect the Best but Prepare for the Worst

Your business needs to be prepared for any of the threats to your data that are out there today. We know that it isn't realistic to be able to predict what may come as a crisis for your business, but if you are prepared, with a solid plan to protect your businesses technology then you are going to be ahead of the game.

Contact us today so we can assist you with a Backup and Recovery Business Continuity solution for your business.

If you are asking yourself, what if I don't have an IT manager? Don't worry, we here at Elliptic Systems can provide you with offsite IT service and support.

Dell PowerEdge Servers

Rack Servers | For multiple-server businesses | Designed for businesses with multiple servers or limited storage space.

Entry Level

Dell Server Stack

Affordable solutions for businesses with multiple servers or limited storage space.


Dell Advanced Server Stack

Offering more cache and speed, these servers offer options for more processors, expansion and virtualization.


Dell Premium Server Stack

Create dynamic infrastructure with flexible workloads from a complete virtualization platform. Build and deploy applications and websites onsite, in the cloud or across both.

Dell Partner Link

As your business acquires more data, you may have to balance the need for additional storage with the finite space available in your data center. You can address this challenge by seamlessly expanding your PowerEdge servers or Dell Storage arrays with Dell direct-attached storage (DAS) options.

Designed to deliver a unique array of options to meet the needs of your customers IT environment, both now and in the furture; multiple blade form factor choices, breathrough fan technologies for reduction in power consumption and modular I/O switches for future scalability to name a few.

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