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If you are a new client to us and have 10 or more computers, we would like to give you a special "Getting to know us" offer. We would like to offer you a FREE Problem Prevention Network Analysis! You ask why are we willing to do this? Because we know once you see how well we reveal, resolve and present a system that is proactive to your computer problems, you will become a client for life!

At no cost or obligation, we will come on site to perform a complete Problem Prevention Audit (a $695 Value)

What is a Network Assessment?

A Network Assessment is an intensive diagnostic and planning service designed to check the critical components of your computer network for security, reliability, performance and ability to maintain business continuity. We will assess your network is running at peak performance and protected from data loss, downtime, viruses, and security breaches.

Evaluating your network once a quarter we'll review your future business goals and objectives. We will ensure that one of your most valuable business tools (your network & data) is performing at peak efficiency safely and securely.

One of our trained engineers will perform this Assessment while onsite. We will provide you with a full report listing any problems that we discovered. We will have recommendations and action items to correct the issues listed in the report.

We will send one of our Senior Engineers on-site and The Following Components Will Be Checked:

File Server

  • What version of the operating system is installed?
  • Do any security patches need to be installed? (Note: security patches should not be installed haphazardly; not all patches are safe to install)
  • Are there any error messages or error lights on to indicate a failure, pre-failure warning, or disconnection?
  • Are there any suspicious or unexpected entries in the system logs?
  • Is there sufficient storage space?
  • Is the storage redundancy system working correctly?
  • Does the hard drive need to be defragmented?
  • Does the server have adequate memory and CPU power for its current load?
  • Is up-to-date anti-virus software installed and working properly?
  • Was there a recent virus scan performed?
  • Is the server adequately protected by an uninterruptible power supply?
  • Are there any inactive user accounts?
  • Is the password configuration in alignment with security policies?
  • What is the current up-time of the server?

Backup System

  • Are all necessary files & Operating Systems being backed up?
  • What is the frequency of backups?
  • Are the backups maintained off site for disaster recovery purposes?
  • How often are the backups are verified for validation and they complete without errors?
  • Is there a schedule for performing a test on a system restore?

Network Infrastructure and Configuration

  • What type of network is in place?
  • What type of switch(s) is being used?
  • Is there an active firewall in place?
  • Are there multiple layers of security?
  • What type of internet connection is in place?
  • What type of router is being used?
  • What type of wiring is being used?
  • Is there a WAN in place?
  • Is there a VPN in place?
  • Is there WiFi and its security?
  • What are the IP Assignments?
  • What is the naming scheme?
  • Are print servers being used?
  • Is Terminal Server being used?
  • Is the e-mail storage system internal or external?

Workstations, Laptops and Desktops

  • How many workstations are on site?
  • Are they properly configured and on Business class Operating Systems?
  • Is the Disk Clean Up Tool scheduled to run regularly to clean up temporary Internet files?
  • Is antivirus protection also occurring at the workstation level?
  • Is the user able to disable the antivirus software on the system?
  • Is there spyware detection and removal software installed and being run weekly?
  • Is there an AUP (acceptable usage policy) in place?
  • Is there content filtering software installed?
  • Are there any remote workers or traveling employees using a laptop?
  • Are those laptops scanned for viruses and spyware before connecting to the network?

Upon Completion:

  • We will give you a detailed Network Report Card that will show where you are vulnerable to security attacks or other failures.
  • We will provide recommendations on how to resolve these issues as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

We will also quote you a fixed monthly fee to support your entire office based on the number of users, PCs , complexity of your network, & age of your hardware and software so you never have to worry about network problems again.

You Are Under No Obligation To Do Or Purchase Anything When You Say “Yes” To This Offer – But You Have To Hurry…

Although we are eager to introduce our new Computer Freedom program to all of our clients, time and staff limitations simply will not allow us to give away more than 12 of these free assesments this month. Once those 12 are given away, all others will be put on a stand-by list until the following month, or until we complete these initial assessments.

Again, you are under no obligation to sign up for this program when you say “yes” to this free assessment. We don’t expect everyone to sign up for this program, but enough will more than justify giving away this service for free.

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